Company Vision

POK – POK My Crispy Snack wants each of us could enjoy yummy snacks anywhere and anytime 😀

About Us

POK – POK My Crispy Snack is one of the snack stall pioneers in Surabaya, Indonesia. We serve deep-fried chicken breast fillet as our signature which is adopted from Taiwanese street snack. We gladly opened our first branch in Pakuwon Trade Centre, Surabaya in the end of 2010. That was our starting point and we keep expanding until now. POK – POK My Crispy Snack, currently, has more than 25 chain stores which are spread in Indonesia, mainly in Surabaya and its surrounding area. Besides, we are also available in Kediri, Blitar, Magelang, Jember, Banyuwangi, Jogjakarta, Solo, Semarang, and Sorong in Papua, the most east part of Indonesia. Every outlet of POK – POK My Crispy Snack commits to serve the best snacks to its customers by delivering the products as fast as possible without reducing the quality, while keeping the snacks affordable for all.